Before coming to Buon Fresco Karaoke, keep this in mind

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Karaoke. This activity can be very fascinating! You regularly see everyone engaging in this activity to be timid in the beginning, yet after a few seconds into the track, vocalists begin taking it much more seriously and also after that have nerve to sing on their own. Here are a few tips when coming to Buon Fresco Karaoke to make your night a lot more fun, friendly and memorable.

Some tracks calls for everybody to start dancing to the track. Don’t be afraid to dance in a karaoke club. At Buon Fresco Karaoke you can certainly dance without anyone thinking it is strange. We are a fun place, fun-friendly and that definitely means dance-friendly!

Bigger karaoke clubs often attract huge groups. See to it that you and your friends come in early to get the good spots near the machines. Just a handful of tracks can be sung every hour and at the end of the night, you will be so surprised at how quickly the evening went.

Do not shout at the DJ if your tune has not come up. Some DJs function purely on a “first come, first served” principle. Sometimes they also play certain genres for a while until they switch. First a couple of rock tracks after that dance tracks after that slow-moving tracks and so on.

Don’t be the only one to sing. Offer the microphone to others. If someone does not feel like singing on their own, get two microphones and sing together. That will make it a lot more including and feel like you are sharing the activity more.

When other vocalists are done, you should clap. Karaoke bars are like clubs where vocalists are awarded for their entertainment performance for the rest of the bar.

Be careful with the devices. When groups receive and hand in the equipment, or hand it around to each other, be careful so you do not damage them, do not drop the microphones nor stretch the cables. They may cost a lot and the owners and staff will certainly appreciate it if you are careful.

Don’t join a song with another microphone while someone else is singing without being invited to join him or her in their song. Wait for your turn to sing. If you want to be involved, you can dance to it while they are singing, and clap for them afterwards.

A lot of karaoke bar vocalists are beginners while some are more advanced. Several vocalists may attempt to get discovered at karaoke bars. Don’t let these professional singers discourage you. You have the same right to sing there as they do, even if you are not as good of a singer. Is it supposed to be a fun activity for you, not a singing contest.

Stay away from difficult songs when you are a beginner. While some songs are fast-paced rap tunes or high pitched ballads, you should stick to the simple easy to sing hits when starting out at karaoke. It is the best way to practice and becoming comfortable with the activity, then you can progress to more advanced songs later.

If someone sings your tune, don’t get angry. You should be happy that there are other people in the world that shares your favorite tune. Complement them on their choice of song, and pick another song to sing.

That’s it, have fun with karaoke. You are always welcome at Buon Fresco.

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Talk soon 🙂

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